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About us

About San Tai Stone

In the beginning of 1973, due to the inadequate trading activities, companies were unlikely to import quarries for further manufacturing purposes; the selection of raw materials in Taiwan for construction use therefore fell within domestic quarries (i.e. white marble, jade marble, fossil marble, etc.).

Back in the time, since the mere option available for the quarries, with the situation of insufficient workforce, equipment, and the technique required for processing quarries, San Tai Stone Co. Ltd. (aka STS Co. Ltd., STS thereafter) then took the lead in this exploration in which the market situation was crucially severe, focusing specifically on the construction raw materials manufacturing of jade marble as well as associated services.

For the 30 years of continuous development and promotion, STS has accumulated a significant level of professionalism and vitality. At the moment the quantity of jade marbles is approximately 10,000 m3, along with over 10 million jade marbles still available to be excavated in Yuli mining area in Taiwan.

In the early days of 1970s, due to the limited proficiency in mining and alchemy within the domestic industry, wire saw was widely used in excavation, not until 1986, when STS, under the intervention of Department of Mining - Ministry of Economic Affairs, bought the high efficient chain saw machinery from Italy to excavate within the Yuli mining area, in which the on-site landscape is overwhelmingly breathtaking. Moreover, the remaining materials are offered to down-stream vendors of Chinese steel industry for reuse purposes as flux in alchemy, making the reusable resources have the best use of its own.

Remarkable quality we persist, thus great satisfaction.

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